New Podcast Releasing This Summer

Welcome to the site of Generation Cult, a podcast about adults who were raised as children in high demand groups (aka “cults”). We understand that the word “cult” is a controversial word but it is more widely recognized than other terms to describe groups of a religious nature (or otherwise) that may have a charismatic leader and encourage an intense devotion that takes over its members’ lives.

What you have to lose is a large factor in leaving a cult. You may leave behind your whole family, your savings, your livelihood and your entire community. The stakes can be even more dire for those born and raised in cults who try to leave. Many of these people, also known as Second Generation Adults (SGAs) might come from isolated communities where the cult and its ideology are all they know. They may have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse growing up and many leave without a traditional education. These factors put SGAs in vulnerable positions when they try to integrate into mainstream society and go about their lives.

So, what did some of these people go through? What were their most poignant struggles? How are they doing now? On Generation Cult, we sit down for in-depth conversations with SGAs for them to tell us their stories.

The podcast is set to release this summer. In the meantime, we’ll be featuring clips and photos from the show. Visit our Facebook page and give us a like!

Generation Cult

2 thoughts on “New Podcast Releasing This Summer

  1. My name is Christina Babin. I grew up in the children of God cult. I have been telling my story on legacy media but I’m interested in doing more podcast. I have been on the today show, Dr Oz, Maria Clair and many other shows. If your interested I can send links to a few of these shows.


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