Thanks for a Great Event! Check Out the Photos

A Happy Hour Fundraiser for Generation Cult Season 2 was a success! We had an excellent turn out and almost sold out of tickets. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, contributing to a pleasant evening on the patio with good food, good wine and, most importantly, good company.

Friday’s attendees particularly enjoyed our panel discussion that included Dhyana Levey, host of Generation Cult, cult expert and prolific author Janja Lalich, as well as other Generation Cult Season 1 guests Kourtney Parry, Gina Catena and Christi Gordon who grew up in Scientology, Transcendental Meditation and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They were a wealth of information about cultic groups and the struggles of children raised within them, educating the audience by sharing their own experiences and answering questions raised by those in attendance. A huge thank you to everyone who participated!

*All photos by Malaika Fraley*

Now it’s time to get Season 2 rolling! Stay tuned. …..

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