The Art & Sound of Season 2, Episode 1

We’d like to introduce you to the voice and creative work of Narangkar Glover, whose story will be the focus of Generation Cult’s first episode of the upcoming Season 2.

Here is a sound clip from the interview set against an image of her 2011 oil-on-canvas painting titled Shangri-La Girls School: Playing Rocks.

The full episode, titled Season 2, Episode 1: No Horses in India, will be available later this month, so stay tuned!

In the interview, we’ll briefly discuss the painting depicted below. Narangkar considers the artwork a snapshot of a disturbing moment in her childhood. It is also an oil on canvas created in 2011 and it’s titled Nambe Falls, 1981.


The following piece, entitled Shangri-La Girls School: Nalwa House Dorm (oil on canvas 2010), is meant to display the stark, institutional feeling of the boarding school dorm that she and her sisters slept in after being sent to India.


To see more of Narangkar’s artwork, please visit her website:

More information about this episode is coming soon!

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