Scientology? Identical Twins? We’ll Have Them and More on Episode 7: Coming Soon!

When Aaron and his twin brother were 4, their mom joined Scientology. Listen to their story on the next episode of Generation Cult.

Aaron (on left) and his twin brother Colin

Aaron is now the vice president of the The Aftermath Foundation, a nonprofit that helps people suffering from “disconnection” and “fair game” as they leave the group. Join us as we talk about his experiences with the organization, The Aftermath Foundation and recent legal action brought against Scientology.

Aaron and his siblings grew up with the group as a main focus in their lives. Their formal education ended after Aaron finished the seventh grade. He then worked full time for Scientology as a staff member from age 12 to 26. Although he didn’t always enjoy his work, he did it and was good at it. But that didn’t stop a wave of family rifts, including a great tragedy that severed him from someone he loved.

All photos courtesy of Aaron Smith-Levin

Aaron left Scientology in 2014 and appeared on the first season of A&E’s “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” While he has a happy life, job and family, the fall out from their time in Scientology continues to undermine relationships for him, his wife, children and even his dog.

IMG_2514 2
Aaron and his dog, Goliath

Find out what happened on Ep. 7: “Devastating Disconnections,” when Generation Cult returns on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and other places you find podcasts.

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