We’ve Brought Back a Previous Guest for Ep. 9. Listen to “TM Redux” now!

Do you remember Gina’s interview about Transcendental Meditation from Season 1’s Episode 7? We had some pretty bad sound issues in that episode but people were really interested in the content, so we brought Gina back into the studio to redo the interview for Season 2! It came out a bit different than our first interview but it’s super interesting and we think you’ll enjoy it!

Season 2’s Episode 9: “TM Redux” is now available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify and other places you get your podcasts. Also, find the episode on the Generation Cult Libsyn page, which you can easily reach by hitting “CLICK HERE TO LISTEN” near the top of this site.

Below is a sample from the new episode with an image taken from one of our guest’s old Transcendental Meditation badges:


Here’s one more sound clip in which Gina discusses her early childhood in the TM movement. Image taken from the “Growing Up Enlightened” book cover:


But don’t just settle for samples. Download the whole episode now!

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