Ashlen Hilliard Joins the Show for Season 3

Generation Cult would like to welcome Ashlen Hilliard to Generation Cult! Ashlen is going to be co-hosting and joining discussions for several of the show’s new episodes. She has extensive experience working with people who have left cults, first through a nonprofit that helped women leave polygamist organizations and then as an event organizer with the International Cultic Studies Association. She recently started her own LLC called People Leave Cults and helps out with CultNews101. We decided she wasn’t busy enough, so we convinced her to come on board with Generation Cult, too!

In our first episode of Season 3, we will introduce you to Ashlen further as she will also be our first guest. Like the other guests and the host of Generation Cult, Ashlen also grew up in a high-demand group. Her upbringing includes time in the Church of Christ, which she will explain to us in more detail when our first episode of the season drops at the end of October. 

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