Suvav’s Story of Leaving the Twelve Tribes

Coming up on Friday, Feb. 10 on the next episode of Generation Cult:

Suvav and grew up in a controlling religious organization called the Twelve Tribes before leaving with his wife and three kids in 2019. The journey out wasn’t easy, as Suvav left with little money, possessions, personal connections or even a place to live. He started his own business but his whole family is still struggling to settle into their new life. They’ve already spent significant time living in a campsite and a bus.

But staying in the group had become unbearable to Suvav. He worked hard throughout his childhood and was subjected to strict rules, harsh punishments, food insecurity and untreated medical issues. Now a parent himself, he couldn’t get on board with putting his own children through the same trauma.

On Season 3’s Episode 9: “Finding Freedom from the Twelve Tribes with Suvav” he’ll share his story of growing up in such a restrictive and controversial group, some of the driving factors behind him leaving the Twelve Tribes, and what it was like to get out.

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