Up Next: Jehovah Witnesses

Coming up on the next episode of Generation Cult: Meet Kourtney.
She grew up a devout Jehovah Witness. Although she recognized as a young teen the problems arising in her life — abuse in her family, systematic misogyny within the religion, confusing accusations of wrong doing – she just dug her heals in deeper to her beliefs.
Her family’s entire life revolved around the identity of being Jehovah Witness. They embraced the idea that people are inherently sinful and Armageddon is just around the corner.
“Since I was born into it, I didn’t realize how bizarre it was to go to bed at night listening to fantasies about Armageddon and worrying if you had been good or bad that day or if you were going to die or if you were going to be put in a concentration camp,” she said. “Even in the photos and artwork that they use for children, there are a lot of depictions of chaos and murder. They are always trying to portray everything outside the group as wicked or bad and overdue for destruction.”
Kourtney began to question her beliefs in her 30s, and she took the step of researching critical information about her organization and controlling groups in general. Disturbed by what she learned, she called her mom in distress.
The response? Her family never spoke to her again.
What’s life like when your entire family shuns you? Where did Kourtney go and what did she do? How is she doing now? She’s our first guest in another two-guest episode coming up on Generation Cult.
Please join us for Episode 4: The Perpetual Armageddon.

One thought on “Up Next: Jehovah Witnesses

  1. Hi, thank you for this episode. I’m an ex-JW and I have to say, this episode really helped with confronting my PTSD growing up in this cult. My childhood was a perfect storm of being born into a cult that took my grief and fear of never seeing my mother again and used it to keep me in control.
    If you ever want to hear another sad story about this cult, I’d be happy to share.


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