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Tammie grew up in an ultra fundamentalist Christian organization that subjected children to harsh punishments and encouraged its members not to interact with the rest of society.

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The apocalyptic group demanded extensive time from its followers and provided limited education, especially to girls, within its own school that Tammie attended since kindergarten. “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” was the name of the game both at school and home, as corporal punishment was very much embraced.

“There was a lot of fear-based control, physical punishment-based control from the time you are very small,” she said. “So, you learn to be afraid and you learn to be sneaky and lie because you don’t want to get into trouble. And you learn that you really can’t trust anyone.”

tammiewillis - child2
Tammie as a child

Tammie always had a feeling of dread, whether it be fear of a paddling in front of her peers, or pestilence and the end of the world. Dressed in high-neck shirts and long skirts, she was often told not to tempt men, despite never learning about sex.

“We were supposed to be separate from society because society was sinful and bad,” she said. “And God was a very angry, vengeful sort of God.”

One day, she decided she had had enough. She didn’t want to believe anymore. She wanted out. But there appeared to be no out.

Sample of Episode 4: “Fear-Based Faith.” Download the full episode now. 



And then her mom died.

What happened to her family? How did Tammie get a better education? How did she become the politically active person she is today and what does she see in current events that remind her of her childhood?

Find out on the latest episode of Generation Cult.



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