An Expert Episode is Coming Your Way!

On the next episode of Generation Cult:

We’ll chat with Colleen Russell, a San Francisco Bay Area therapist who has spent about 20 years counseling people who were raised in or had joined cults. These patients make up about 75 percent of her practice, and she also reaches those who aren’t local through online workshops.

“Often they are experiencing a great amount of loss — loss of the community, loss of their family in some cases, loss of their dreams, loss of their values — and they are searching,” Colleen said. “They are very courageous in giving up or getting out of a system that they have been raised in that promotes the idea of ‘us verses them’ “

Colleen site

Find more information about Colleen’s practice and workshops on her website at:

And join us soon for Episode 5’s conversation with this therapist about her work, thoughts on similarities between cult and domestic violence victims, as well as her own personal experience with high-demand groups. Check out a sample of the upcoming episode below!

Sound clip from Season 2, Episode 5:


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