Thank You for Supporting Generation Cult!

We hope you enjoyed Seasons 1 and 2 of Generation Cult. The final episode is out now!

On Friday we had a distance finale celebration over Zoom with people who made the show possible. It was so fun to get everyone together in one virtual room!

GC Zoom
(Pictured left to right) 1st row: Dhyana Levey, Christi Gordon, Kourtney Parry, Samie Brosseau. 2nd row: Katharina Meredith, Colleen Russell, Leanne Dunn, Narangkar Glover. 3rd row: Montgomery Rene, Tammie Willis, Nitai Joseph, Lily Anne Harkom. 4th row: Teddy Hose, Lisa Costello (photo by Christi Gordon)






2 thoughts on “Thank You for Supporting Generation Cult!

  1. Thank you.
    Don’t know how express all I’m feeling regarding your podcasts but I’m so grateful for this.

    Makes me feel less alone and strange.


  2. I found your podcast and I’m currently listening to all the episodes on Spotify. I left a church a few years back who have since changed their name. I’ve always fought the idea that they were a cult but listening to the podcast and everyone’s experiences, I’m realizing I’m not alone in what it’s like to leave. I didn’t grow up in the church but I know people who have and who have recently left. Their stories resonate so much with the stories that are being shared. I’m sharing your podcast with others and really just wanted to reach and say I’m so thankful I found this.


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