A Potential Season 3 is in the Works!

Hi Generation Cult fans! We’re considering bringing back the podcast for a third season and trying to work out details and gauge interest:

1. Would you listen to another season of Generation Cult or do you feel like the market is already too saturated with podcasts about cults?

2. If there was another season, are there any topics or themes you would like to see explored in more detail relating to people raised in cults?

3. Is there any person or group in particular you would like to hear more about?

4. If there was a Patreon or other fundraising site connected to the podcast to cover costs, would you be interested in donating or would you find it off putting (or do you not care either way)?

5. How do you feel about a brief Q&A section at the end of each episode in which the host(s) answer relevant questions sent in by listeners?

Feel free to answer one or all of the questions. Any feedback is much appreciated! Leave a comment or send an email to generationcult@gmail.com

One thought on “A Potential Season 3 is in the Works!

  1. If you start up a Patreon or something like that, I would happily donate or subscribe.
    I only don’t think the market is oversaturated cult wise, I think more people need opportunities and places to speak up and speak out. Maybe not everyone, but it’s so healing to be validated and to be able to speak about your experience openly.
    I already sent you an email with a few thoughts, so I won’t bombard you with that again.
    I also think a brief Q & A session at the end would be wonderful as well!


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