Hear Chris’ Story of Growing Up Scientology, Working Scientology, Leaving Scientology & Speaking Out Against Scientology

In the latest episode of Generation Cult — available for download NOW where you find your podcasts — Ashlen and Dhyana chat with Chris, their recent classmate in the Psychology of Coercive Control graduate program at the University of Salford.

Chris grew up in Scientology and stayed through adulthood, marrying another Scientologist, working for Scientology, joining the Sea Org. … until he couldn’t put up with all the lying anymore.

After Chris left, he wrote a book about his time in Scientology and went on to amplify his voice through his YouTube channel and podcast Sensibly Speaking. Join us as we hear Chris’ story and discuss his master’s dissertation about confessionals in Scientology.

A short clip from the episode is below:

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