Coming up on Generation Cult: Raised in the Children of God

The next two episodes of Generation Cult will cover the Children of God, (aka The Family International), a group founded in 1968 by the late David Berg.

This Friday, Dec. 9, you’ll meet Christina, who grew up in the group. She was trafficked to many other countries until adulthood, when she was finally able to get herself and her children out.

On Friday, Dec. 16, you’ll meet Amy, who was also raised in the Children of God. As a young child, she was coerced away from her parents to go traveling as a performer for the organization. Eventually, she was sent to live with the leader, Berg.

Fortunately, as an adult, she too was able to escape, along with her children.

These women’s stories are fascinating and heartbreaking, and we are so grateful they are telling their stories on the podcast.

The episodes contain descriptions of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, prostitution, incest and suicide, so please listen with care.

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